I spy a fire crotch: CoCo is that you?

Dear Coco,

Why can  I see the lips of your camel? You are epitomizing the term “fire crotch.” Didn’t your doctor ever tell you that when you wear jeans too tight you increase your chances for vaginal infections.  I feel so dirty just looking at these pics, I never want to be this close to another woman’s slit… Please… let some extra fabric into your life.  And why bright ass pink bell bottoms.  I mean, did you somehow invent a time travel machine and were on a ‘trip’ in the 70s.  If so, please share your invention with the masses.

My dearest Coco, where are you anyhow? I always knew that Mr. CoCo, I mean Ice-T bragged about him being a P-I-M-P but shouldn’t you be sold to better hotels than your local Econo Lodge? I mean at least have your John’s splurge for the Days Inn… I’m just saying girl.. You know you could do so much better than that cheap telly. Sigh, I know he can afford better on that Law & Order salary.  I’ve heard TV money is good.


Now I’m blind


Ladies… Please take this as a warning… nothing should spread your va jay jay lips that far.  No one wants to be able to see your lips in public, or in private here as Coco is, because i’m sure its just her and a john…I mean, unless your naked.  No one wants to see va jay jay.  I mean, I do think as a woman you should make sure that your jeans/pants feature your womanly assets.  I mean you don’t want that baggy man crotch, but you damn sure don’t want your seam to be penetrating you.  I mean seriously, she must not be doing any walking…

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