So, I’m @ the Walgreen’s today after work and I’m buying my shampoo and my hair gel, which is very vital–See, I have wild and unruly curly hair.  So when I need to buy new hair products of a different brand, I stop at the Walgreens, (yes, I always say The Walgreen’s) and see what they have on sale.  They almost always have a brand name on sale for buy one get one free.  So no matter what brand it is, unless its like cheap ass Sauve or something, I buy it.  Today it was some Mark Anthony  or some crap that was on sale.  but anywho, that’s not why I write today.  I’m checking out with my hair product, toothpaste, eyeliner and sharpi mini and I see at the counter a box of “Premium M & M’s!!!!” What in sam hell is this.  They were in flavors like mint chocolate (see picture), mocha, and triple chocolate.  So I came home and googled that and they have even more flavors!!! I was outraged.  I mean here we have little chocolate candies being revamped and sold for 4.99.  Is everyone all bougie now??? M & M’s are supposed to be the little quirky candy that melts in your mouth not in your hand.  How can I watch the commericial with Red & Yellow knowing that M&M is trying to phase them out in favor of these new bougie m&ms.  And poor green M, now she has a rival! She better punch mint chocolate right in her hoohas can call it even.  Tell her no one likes them bougie chicks around here.  I’m just saying…. It’s a sad day in history when even our candy gets all fancy on us.

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