I have arrived!

After much consideration and deliberation I have decided to start a blog. Who am I? Just a girl from Jersey who likes what she likes. I’m going to share my point of view on a bunch of stuff with the likes of you… What does that mean for you? Probably nothing. But I’m here and you’re going to like it.

So what kind of things do I like? I like a bunch of things..

  • nail polish
  • pizza
  • potatoes
  • reading
  • music
  • anarchy
  • socialism
  • black militancy
  • WWII
  • Family Guy
  • Charmed
  • my blackberry
  • shoes
  • reading celebrity blogs
  • porn
  • beaches
  • vacations
  • cars
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • spoilers
  • movies
  • cheesecake
  • sex
  • the beach
  • babies that belong to other people
  • seafood
  • Pho
  • money
  • fantasy football even though I don’t actually watch it

As you can see this blog might be about some of everything, and I hope you enjoy that, or at least recommend it to a friend. As I grow in my likes, so will this blog. This is a living, learning, and loving experience! Thank you!

0 thoughts on “I have arrived!

  • goldinphoenix

    You like WWII? Interesting. . . .

    Well I’m glad you final have a place to leave your thoughs. I like it inside your head, it’s kinda roomy. . ..

  • Ambitious Que

    Well, I’m glad that I HAVE to like that you’re here…

    And Anarchy? I must admit that I hadn’t a clue that you like that idea… so, which form of it perks up your nipples? The absence of a form of political government or total polical confusion or disorder or, absence of of any cohering principal as a common standard or purpose?

    I think it’s the first.

    How do you subscribe to this thing?

  • Queen

    Porn, I love it. Spoilers, I have one. Love it. Family Guy, love, love, love it. Now what you dont have on here is cheesecake and sex. Where the F&%k is the cheesecake and sex!!! lol

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