I was robbed!

I got robbed.

By Dunkin Donuts.

Once upon a time I lived off of caramel iced coffees from DD. But over the past few months I’ve been relying on the Green Mountain coffee provided by the convenience store at my job. But every so often I manage to still get my beloved coffee from the Dunkin. So yesterday, I was visiting my hometown, and it was about 5 pm and I said hey, I haven’t had my coffee today. So I went to the one that was closest. I pull into the drive thru of the combo Baskin Robbins/ Dunkin donuts and I say to the speaker ” can I have a medium caramel iced coffee with skim milk and sugar.” Nice nd polite. I should have known something was going to go amuck when she asked me how many sugars. No one had ever asked me that in all the years I’d been drinking these iced coffees. So, I spurted out 3 because a medium iced coffee is pretty big and I wasn’t sure. But as I approached the window to pay I was full of dread that the iced coffee would be too sweet. Thinking to myself all that sugar and caramel syrup I’m gonna have diabetes. I wonder if it’ll be finished when I get to the window, if not i’ll tell her only two. They really have never asked me how many sugars I wanted.
So I pull to the window and the lady says my total is 2.77. I look at her with my blank face, which I reserve for stupid people, and I say for an iced coffee. She, being the ever so professional DD attendant is like “yup, wanna see your receipt.” I laughed because its not like I didn’t believe her but I was taken aback by the increase in cost from my local DD, where my iced coffee only cost me 1.99. I mean, I realized the cost of damn near everything has increased, but sheesh an increase of sixty cents for a coffee.

Today I was robbed by DD. Don’t they regulate the prices to have some sort of consistency in their stores, or can managers hike up prices and justify it on a sinking economy, and if the economy is so bad why hasn’t the coffee anywhere else gone up??? Yes indeed, today I was robbed.

And the coffee wasn’t that good. Over priced DD didn’t shake it so my ingredients would mix well. Glad I didn’t go for that donut too.

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