North Jersey Ninjas

I am going to dub this duo the “North Jersey Ninjas” since Shinobi Warriors doesn’t work for me.  I wonder if they received training watching Ninja Warrior on TV? That show really tests people physical strength.  Anyhoo, here we have two ‘modern day’ ninjas, Tadieusz Tertikiewicz and Jesse Trojaniak, of Clifton, NJ.  Side note, despite what people say New Jersey is a pretty damn popular state.  It is mentioned in damn near every movie and we produce many great talents, none of which include these two. The mission of the North Jersey Ninjas is to rid the area of drug users and dealers because they feel it is their destiny to stop their “impure activities.” Talk about a “war on drugs.” These two prepared letters to leave at the houses of individuals they singled out, what measures they used to single them out, who knows.  The letters stated”

“Shinobi will stop your cruel and sadistic intentions with justified yet merciful force.”

One of these letters had been delivered to the 16-year-old girlfriend of 20-year-old Tertkiewicz.  I guess he dumped her because he wasn’t fond of her weed problem.  I wonder if they have a problem with alcohol abuse because that can be pretty vile and sadistic.  Drunks are usually more violent than crackies.  Anyway, the North Jersey Ninjas have been apprehended and charged with weapons possession and Tertkie was charged with harassment too for sending his ex that letter I guess.

Its weird to have a modern day vigilante group who wants to stop people who have “committed the sin of passing impurity.” Who does uphold purity these days? Is it passing impurity for doctors to push perscription drugs for that’s that could be cured more  naturally? Isn’t it impure of the meat industry to inject the food we eat full of hormones and then abuse the animals? Or to douse our produce with insecticides? Isn’t war impure? I mean, seriously, Ninja Vigilantes with a vendetta against drugs of all things! Its not like drugs aren’t a huge problem, but I don’t think threatening drug dealers is the way to get them to stop.  They also stated in the letters, “wind guides us to those of impure heart and intent.” I wonder if they were guided in the direction of President Bush? Did they mail him a letter to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue  because I know his heart is impure.  What is up with all these crazy groups-you have the Westboro Baptist Church making a statement against Bernie Mac’s funeral all in the name of Christ.  I thought the last vigilante group was the Klan, but even they are making a comeback.  Well people, you should just remember, “the road to hell was paved with good intentions.”


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