Shrek! On Broadway!!

So, I’m browsing one of my favorite blogs,, which btw I need to add to my blogroll, and I see him write that they are turning Shrek into a musical. I cannot believe this B.S… Is creativity really that dry in Hollywoodland that they keep recycling ideas.. I thought they were pushing it with Legally Blonde, I mean that crap has a Broadway show which spawned a reality show on MTV… WTF!!! I am so disappointed with the state of entertainment right now. Who would have thought that Shrek would have made it to Broadway. Can you think of how hot it must be to dress up like an Ogre every night???

Can you imagine what that makeup does to someone’s skin?? The lucky actor who plays Shrek is Brian d’Arcy James. The show will have a pre-broadway run in Seattle from August 14th – September 21st. It will be gracing NY beginning December 14th with preview performances beginning Nov. 8th. While I think its a bad idea and shun the lack of brains needed to do this, I won’t pretend like if it gets good reviews I won’t go see it.. but dammit it will be on someone else’s dime. IF they want to waste their money and take me, I will gladly take them up on the offer kiddies. LOL


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