Teachers and handguns . . .

So I concocted this little picture using MSPaint because my Adobe PhotoShop skills are lacking. I really need a tutor, LOL. But I concocted this picture because only in crazy ass Texas could something like this happen.  A small Texas town has reached the decision that their staff of 50 can carry handguns in their school district which caters to 110 students.  Now… my problem with this is that this is a school district with a high faculty to student ratio.  Violence usually happens in larger districts where the teacher:student ratio is something like 1:32, where students don’t feel connected to those around them.  Not to say that students in this hick town won’t feel alienated, because that’s just a part of growing up.  But who would knowingly send their children to a school where handguns are the norm for teachers and staff?

I feel that handguns are asking for trouble.  Almost all officials who carry guns abuse them.  Cops are notorious for overzealous shooting.  I would be more accepting if corporal punishment was reinstated, because thats what most of these kids need these days, a good ole’ ass whooping!!When I was younger, my grandmother made it a point to tell all my teachers that they had her permission if I ever acted up to whoop my ass.  Now, none of my teachers ever took her up on it and that did not mean that I never “acted up.” For example:  When I was in fourth grade I had an incident with my teacher, her name was Mrs. M.  Mrs. M and I had a shaky relationship all school year.  So one day, I guess i was feeling rather jumpy and I jumped bad with her.  All I remember is being led in a headlock down the stairs to the principals office.  I remember her pinching my arms and me swinging trying to get out the headlock, but she had a tight grip.  So not only was i embarrassed in front of a group of my peers (and these are people whom I would see forever, as i grew up in a very small town), I also was going to get an ass whooping when I got home.  Which I did, and I was on punishment.  In addition to that, I had to spend like two weeks in another class with other bad kids so I wouldn’t fall behind in my coursework.  Mrs. M never had any other problems with me.  And when I got older I would go back and visit her shoot the shit.  I think she still teaches, but not at the same school because that school got closed for asbestos. The point of that anectdote was to say that teachers need to have other rights reinstated before schools resort to the most exterme- guns.  Seriously people!

Say no to handguns in schools… that’s all I’m saying.


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