(Th)ink about it!

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I was browsing online looking for some cool political cartoons because I saw one by the exit I usually use at my dreadful job. And in my online search I found this one, which made me laugh, which is what a comic strip should do or at least inspire thought. This one is drawn by Keith Knight and his strip is called (Th)ink. Its supposed to tackle the social and political issues impacting communities of color. Ok, cool, I thought he’d have some dope stuff. But i was a little disappointed in what he had on the site. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I could see he was talented, but I just felt that he wasn’t taking an original enough spin on things. But this one here, I liked. I felt like it was funny when I saw the Biggie v. Tupac issue and the facebook v. myspace one. And I said these are issues that aren’t just for communities of color, but for youth. And everyone says how valuable and important the “youth” vote is. Although no one who plays with Bratz dolls is voting or at least I hope so. But what or who the hell is Appolonia and why is it compared to Vanity?? Am i being an idiot, because when I thought of Appolonia I thought of Prince and when I saw Vanity I thought of Vanity Fair magazine… Wrong correlations?? maybe…

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