An Old Friend

When you find a good pair of shoes you should love them.  Care for them.  In fact, you should buy two pair! LOL.  I had this pair last spring and I loved them so much that I wore them out. I mean wore them OUT! I tried to get the nice suede material cleaned, but it wasn’t the same.  So, I did what any shoe lover would do-bought a new pair.   This is why I love the internet, because I would have had to search store after store after store after warehouse to try to find these shoes, let alone in my size since they were from last season. I had to first find out the shoe name, because I didn’t even know it. I just knew the brand, so I searched and searched. Then I searched for them in the desired color. I finally found them AND they were cheap, which they should have been since they were last seasons shoes.  I got them for a whooping $25.34 and then 6.00 for shipping. Which I consider a great deal since they were much more than that before I wore them out, LOL. This is the Tribeca Prime Suspect shoe and he is being re-introduced into my closet with his other “friends.” In the past I might not have been so resourceful, I would have searched and searched for a comprable shoe, but no more.  And why should I? I like new shoes as much as the next girl (probably more) but I also love the shoes that I have.  And as I get older, I am definitely pickier and choosier with the shoes I buy.  And I like them so much more for that, which is why I invest in keeping them.  Getting those little things on the bottom replaced or repairing a scuff is an absolute must with shoes you love.  It’s worth it, trust me.

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