Debate or Debacle

Yesterday I read an article about the different debate approaches of Senators Barack Obama and John McCain.  I briefly read the article, wondering how the hell was this old man (McCain) going to stand a chance next to a viral man nearly, if not, 30 years his junior with a much sharper mind (Obama).  McCain graduated near the bottom of his navel class whereas Obama is Harvard educated and a much better speaker.  In the article the authors said McCain had a lackadaisical approach to this debate, not really giving it much practice while Obama was entering “debate camp.” Interesting. At least to me.

So with this information stored in my ever growing brain it wasn’t too big of a shock to hear that McCain wants to postpone the debate to focus on the “economy.” Yes.  Now why would he want to do this? Shouldn’t this be a time to hear the different approaches the two candidates are proposing for this “crises?” The are going to be elected right in the middle of it.  Yes, I say go on and debate about his issue among other issues.  This is simply unacceptable.  Obama, like a real leader, wants to proceed with the debates.  In reality, let’s use a “presidental” example to stress this, you have to be able to carry on business no matter what.  Imagine we are at war( a real big war, like WW2) and our economy is suffering.  Can he just postpone the war to deal with the financial situation? You have to have balance and be able to delegate your time in an effective way.  If that means you miss some sleep, so be it.   As a leader of a country the unexpected happens and you have to roll with the punches.  No, let’s not post pone these debates Senator, let’s see how well your 72 year old brain works.  Show me what you got! On the Daily Show, he said something to the effect of, why would you suspend your campaign? Isn’t this what the campaign is about? What you’re going to do to rectify/alleviate the situation…. Think about it. Talk about it…

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