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Wellington Boots. I didn’t even know what they were called, I used to refer to them as rain boots, but now that I know their name I can talk about them.   I used to hate these boots.  They came out of nowhere and then they  were everywhere in the blink of an eye.  But now, after so many bouts with cold wet feet, I see the essentialness of them and have said I can’t wait to find myself a pair.  I can’t believe I made such a drastic turn around, the next thing you know I’ll be saying how the UGG boot is cool and cute (someone stop me if I ever get there, but you get my drift). My dilemma is that each and every time I find a cute pair of these boots, they don’t fit around the logs I am forced to call calves. This depresses me because these are a shoe/boot that you can be super creative and cutesy with.  No one is going to object to you having butterflies and hearts on your cute  plastic rain boot, but if you had a coat with all that, you might be ridiculed.  I am desperate to find some to fit me with fall fast approaching and we all know that fall equals rain.  Winter also equals rain (and snow!).  I will not stand for wet pants legs anymore.  Take a stand for dry pant legs all around and help me find these boots with a wide calf!!! It is essential that it fit loosely over the  calf because your jeans and pants should tuck into the boot, not drape over them.

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