Happy Constitution Day!

I have a wonderful video playing at my job today to celebrate this document… even though so many things that occur today are UNCONSTITUTIONAL… I should get John McCain’s quote about how he wants people who will apply interpret the constitution as the forefathers wanted it… Anywho… everyone is all handing out free stuff in honor of Constitution day.. I got a handbook with the Constitution in it, an American flag key chain, and a free piece of cake… ALL is well when there is cake involved… So to celebrate Constitution day I say go out and say some really obnoxious crap and blame it on your right to free speech… and tell them its constitution day so you can say whatever you like… And please… make sure you fully understand the right before you violate it or take advantage of it… Because not knowing is never a good enough excuse…

“The Declaration of Independence was the promise; the Constitution was the fulfillment.”

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