The “New” American Crisis

Where did the money go? Isn’t that the wonderful question plaguing us all in this “economical crisis” that the US is in? My question is slightly different, where are we getting the money is  my question.  Supposedly we are in a 5 trillion dollar deficit.   So where is the federal government getting these billions of dollars to “lend” the huge companies that are going bankrupt.  Where? Check it. Me and a friend are talking and we’re like isn’t it a little ass backwards to give the kapoot mortgage/loan companies money versus giving the public the money to be able to pay them back.  Isn’t that what should be a focus? Why is this acceptable? I don’t understand.  It’s almost as if the powers that be got together and said, “Yes, let’s make the people poorer and keep these rich idiots in place to continue to rape the public.  Yay for big business, Down  with middle class.”  Something is wrong and yet no one is really digging into why this is cool.  Why are my  tax dollars going to failed companies and not my local schools.

Other money issues.. why has it been found out that the state of New Jersey has been pummeling monies into the Rutgers football team.  Shady, under-the-table dealings are why Rutgers is pushing for a stadium expansion for an undeserving team.  It’s a ploy by the state to generate revenue. Or is it? Someone needs to be accountable for the money, but no one is being called out.

And why are Republicans surprised that they are taking the brunt of the blame? Have they not been in favor of big business since… FOREVER? I can’t believe that I’m actually living in what could really be a depression or is it that already but we just can’t see it? All these money “crises” have really taught me that money isn’t as tangible as we think and that it really is arbitrary.  The US is giving out promises of dollars to save ghosts of companies that exist to simply take our “hard earned” money in the long run.  But yet everyone is concerned about “making paper.” As Diamond said in Players Club, “Make the money girl, don’t let the money make you.” PREACH!!!

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