The New Fashion Police

I know I’m very late with this, but it doesn’t mean its not still worth talking about.  I remember a few weeks ago I read a story about how in Flint, Michigan they were putting a ban on sagging pants.  I thought this was bogus and a bunch of straight cock-a-mammy bullcrap. I hate to see a young man with his pants hanging super low as much as the next person however I do not feel that it should be against the law.  This “law” is a direct assault on what many people deem “hip-hop” culture.  And this is a tragedy because more and more “hip-hop” culture is becoming “mainstream” culture.  but I guess the powers that be don’t like that too much.

So, I was slightly elated to read that a judge in Florida deemed this law unconstitutional after a 17 year old kid was held in custody over night for showing too much of his boxers while riding a bike.  And it really is.  I mean, the cops really had time to focus on this kids pants level on a bike, while people continue to peddle drugs in our communities.. Where is the logic on that one? Yes, let’s launch a war on peoples clothes and continue to let drug dealers and rapists run the streets.  That sounds like government I can believe in.  What other civil liberties can we take back from our citizens. Once “they” begin telling us how to wear our clothes it will lead to curfews and other forms of government control.  They are already putting chips in some passports (or so I’ve heard).  When will it end.  How can you fight a war in another country to help them achieve democracy when regulation is going to extremes at home.  Something doesn’t sound right to me. I hope that other states follow this judge’s lead and do not enforce this new law.  It hasn’t been passed on a federal level so I hope to keep it that way.  We as people really need to take back our government.  The easiest and best way is start locally.  Government thinks that we don’t care, its time to show that we do and won’t stand for their shenanigans any longer!

While searching for an image to this post, I came across a white nationalist website, I was totally taken aback by the extreme racism and “conservativeness” as the posters called it. I was so shocked on what I was reading, I can’t even talk about it.. just go check it out and make your own assumptions.

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