The Return of TV!!

I don’t know about everyone else, but this summer kind of sucked in regards to TV.  I looked forward to TNTs “The Closer” for so long that when it finally premiered I had over hyped it to myself.  But someone reminded me that last night was the season Premiere of the CW’s Gossip Girl, which I feel in love with last year during the writers strike.  I spent a whole day hogging my roommates desktop so I could watch every episode online until i was caught up.  I mean literally, a whole Saturday, I even ate in front of the PC.  So after watching the return of Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen I sought a schedule of fall premieres.  And I found a good one! Not that I really need it because I have a DVR that automatically picks these things up, but I needed to have it.  Because deep down, its more anticipation than actually watching thats exciting.  Anticipation is so important that people don’t even realize it.  Anyway, here are a list of shows that i am looking forward to.  Even though all summer I’ve been following spoilers, but those are never totally accurate because you never know what changes happen on the cutting room floor…

  • 9/1/08 – Gossip Girl
  • 9/25/08 – Grey’s Anatomy
  • 9/25/08 – Ugly Betty
  • 9/28/08 – Desperate Housewives
  • 9/28/08 – Family  Guy
  • 9/28/08 – Brothers & Sisters
  • 10/1/08 – Private Practice
  • 10/3/08 – Everybody Hates Chris
  • 10/3/08 – The Game
  • 10/6/08 – Samantha Who?
  • Honorable Mention – 9/3/08  – America’s Next Top Model
  • Honorable Mention – 9/5/08 –  Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader

Now, this list looks like I spend a lot of time in front of the TV, but I really don’t.  I DVR them all.  Do you like how I turned the DVR into a verb? That is pretty common these days.  The proper way to say that was that I recorded them using my DVR.  I wonder why we as people do that.  Make verbs into nouns.  Anyhoo,  I did forget Nip/Tuck, which is such a guilty pleasure.  I haven’t seen any new shows that I’m looking foward to trying.  I did want to try Eli Stone last year but haven’t gotten around to it.  Recently I started watching Entourage, but I won’t let myself watch new episodes until I catch up completely with prior seasons.  I wonder what other shows people are looking forward to. I know Heroes is pretty popular among a few of my friends along with Friday Night Lights… hhhmmm.. not for me..

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