Disaster Strikes!

W hen bad things happen to shoes its never a pretty sight.

Here I was this morning thinking of how I have a nice amount of winter shoes.  But boy was I wrong. I’m at work when my cheap ass Bakers boots broke (AGAIN!).  So, since I was now down one good pair of shoes I decided to do some shoe shopping online. Black boots are essential to a winter wardrobe, so I had to replace mine with the quickness. On my search I found this disaster. OMG. I almost cried because this is just shoe torture! Brand = J.Shoes, Motto: Do the Jay Walk. LOL. Model:  TARA. Do the Jay Walk is a cute slogan/motto, but these shoes are just an abomination. And they have the nerve to be discounted at $126! So, I did a search for their shoes, and they are all FUGLY! Just straight up WRONG! Some things should never be done to shoes. Damn.. I’m just sad now!

Photo courtesy of 6pm.com

0 thoughts on “Disaster Strikes!

  • Queen

    This has to be the ugliest mess I’ve ever seen in my life. The problem with this is that you know some psycho path has purchased these shoes and is walking around with them like they are the hottest shit since sliced bread. I would like to stab the person who designed these, the people who supported the idea, and the dummy who bought them lol!

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