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No, your eyes are not deceiving you. That there is only half of a house.  One day, this could be you! I’ve had this story on my radar over the past several days and I’m just getting around to writing about it.  This couple from Cambodia literally split their house in half after the dissemination of their 18 year marriage.  The husband decided that he would saw off his half of the house and move it to another portion of the land.  The land, which they divided into four equal parts, one for the wife, one for him, and two others for their children.  Aw, how wonderful, don’t leave the kiddies out.  Now right, I know that houses are built differently than they are in the US, but how the hell is the other half still standing? And who is gonna build a wall to make sure her shit ain’t out in the open, since obviously he’s not feeling her like that anymore? What if both bathrooms were on his half of the house? What is she gonna do? How do you just move half of the damn house! I mean, we see it sometimes, you’re on the highway and you see those wide load trailers with homes on them.  But there aren’t any belongings in those  homes, and they are getting transported to a new foundation, or at least I think so.

Anywho, one article I read said that there were issues over infidelity another just said it was over medical issues and her not taking care of him.  Either way, they are not yet legally divorced in Cambodia and they were counseled not to take such drastic action, but I guess he really can’t stand that heiffer.  So he called his boys, because you know thats how men roll, and they got their saws and chisels out and got to work.  Interesting.  This really takes the cake on what’s mine is mine, and well.. what’s yours is yours.  I wonder how old the kids are.  I’m still in awe over this situation.  I wonder how long this living situation is going to work out.  Things like this are how I know that marriage isn’t in my cards right now.. Wayyy too young.. and selish..

Image courtesy of the Daily Mail

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