Flashback: Balenciaga Lego Shoes

This shoe made its debut at the Balenciaga Fall/Spring fashion week 2007. I got the idea to feature a “flashback” shoe from talking to my bestest when I told her I was doing shoe research for my blog, LOL. I don’t know the official name of this show, so we’ll just say the LEGO shoe. Worn here with this ugly grey sock, they are just wrong, wrong, WRONG! Why would you wear this gorgeous shoe with with track pants and sweat socks? The were worn in a much better fashion by Beyonce at the American Music Awards a few months ago. Her jeans are awesome, the jacket tight, and she wore the shoes perfectly. It’s all in the detailing, and she shows how a shoe can really pull an outfit together. It doesn’t matter if I’m a part-time Beyonce groupie or not, she wore them well (see below). Yes I like Beyonce when she’s not trying too hard and she’s really singing and not half rapping trying to be “pop”. Anyshooe, even Kanye West thinks these shoes are hot and he can be somewhat of a Diva, LOL.

This shoe has recently been replicated in the Bakers Shoes catalog and by Steve Madden. I know that I can’t afford some Balenciaga’s any time soon, but they are a dream that I won’t sell short by getting a knockoff. Sometimes its just better to have the real thing, even if its only in a fantasy. They feature all the primary colors! Do you know how cool primary colors are? Do you know how cool legos are/were. Do kids still play with legos? And they even have the little Lego men who you put in the planes or at the tops of the buildings. I used to play with my cousins legos all the time. I wasn’t super creative, but I had fun building forts and downs from the different blocks. Those were the good old days of toys. Now if it isn’t violent or based on a movie or television show it doesn’t matter.

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