Please Wait Patiently

You know it really ticks me off when people come into my job and they want a specific person and only that person. We tell them this person is unavailable at the current moment and give them alternatives-do you want to see someone else or wait or even come back later. Now if you choose to wait, I will tell you I can’t guarantee how long you will be waiting for. Do NOT agree to wait and then pester the first person who walks past to with your problems. It will not make the situation better by bad mouthing other employees. You choose, repeat-choose to wait an undetermined amount of time. Shit happens, get over yourself.

How do things get lost you ask? Let me give you several hundred documents in one day and see if you don’t lose any of them.  Why are some people short with you? Let me call you 30 times and then email you when you don’t answer and see how your customer service skills are.  Better yet, let me berate you since you are serving me you must be my servant so I can talk to you like you are less than a person and see if your attitude doesn’t change. Yes, when you treat me like less of a person I check out on you, you no longer have my full attention as I do not have your full respect. You give what you get and if your a bitch to me, I will make you wait longer-as I need a cool down period so I’m not a bitch to my next customer, who may be a sweetie. Don’t be rude, just like you need to be courteous with your waiter so they don’t give you the special sauce, you should be courteous to any customer service rep, because you never know. Word travels. And no one, NO ONE likes to deal with a bitch. Male or female.

It just really irks my nerves the lack of patience that people have these days. Everyone wants to get what they want when they want it. No regard for how they are late doing what they need to do. I’m sorry, but my sympathy is limited and I have none for you if you aren’t doing what needs to be done. And this includes myself. Hell, it bothers me when people who I work with don’t keep up. I know we are busy, but dammit, people are coming in yelling at ME because YOU are behind. Ok, I’m not mad, just exasperated because it does get busy. But when people try to make their own policies inside of policies, its frustrating. Consistency is key for some things… OK.. I’m done ranting..

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