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I had to share my latest purchase.  And I k now I don’t need brown boots because I need some new black boots, but these boots looked so much better in the brown, so I had to go with that.  I was emailed a coupon for family & friends weekend with NineWest so I absolutely had to take advantage of it.  And I could use some retail therapy.  I actually felt some of my melancholy lift after i clicked the submit order button, ha ha.  So, let’s introduce my new friend.  These are the Nine West Galen, from their “Boutique 9” collection.  I can’t wait to rock these with a cute skirt or even some jeans. I love the wood heel and the buckle detail.  They are pure heaven.   I didn’t get the measurements on the calf circumference, but they are supposed to be slouchy, so that buys me some room.  But I did look at other NineWest boots, like the ELEGY previously mentioned and they were measured to be bigger than my log calves. So we’ll see.  They might be slouchy on everyone else but they’ll be tight on me.  No one will really  notice, or at least I hope not.  I don’t own many pairs of NineWest shoes, but I do see some styles there that are nice.  I used to go browse the outlet but never actually bought any.  Or at least that I can remember.  But I’m giving them a go.  Unlike Bakers who’ve proved to not be a solid investment in footwear.  I’m just extremely happy these were on discount, I paid around 150 online and got free shipping.  yay!

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  • sexualnature

    Stop calling your calves logs!!! They are just muscular lol! Those boots are cute. I used to buy nine west shoes all the time. I have a ton of them but lately I have not been feeling anything they’ve come out with. What happened to your Bakers shoes???

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