Update: Retail Therapy Nine West Galen

This quote only has to do with this post in the sense that I write it with utter happiness. It’s not philosophical or anything like that. Just happy to update you guys! On with the show!

So, I posted these boots here. They are the Nine West Galen boot. I ordered them on Sunday and they arrived at my job on Tuesday. Super fast. So I anxiously awaited getting home to try them on, I was so excited. I opened them and showed them off because they were so FAB. After work however, I couldn’t go straight home and indulge. I met with a friend for dinner then went shopping for my Halloween costume (which is super cute and sexy). So after this long day of building anticipation I go home and my roommate is there. My roommate is a first hand witness of my shoe addiction. He’s watching his show, Fringe, and I’m all chipper and excited with my news. So finally I try them on. At first I was worried because they seemed a little narrow trying to get them on, since they have no zipper you have to maneuver your foot in there. I almost broke down, but after a few tugs they went on, OVER MY calves. The slouch boots were actually slouchy, in the right places. I was so excited. This is only after one boot. So I dig out the paper in the other boot and slide that one on with more more ease. So, there I am in my black work clothes with my pants jacked up, prancing in my new boots. I didn’t want to take them off. They weren’t tight in any place. I was literally in shoe heaven. Add that to my excitement about my Halloween costume and I had an adrenaline rush. Happiness! Or as a friend would say “Swagger!” LOL

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