Beyonce is Sasha Fierce..

Fierce, Fierce tranny mess! hahaha!

That’s from a SNL skit on Christian Sirano (sp) Project Runway winner. Anyway. I had the privilege over the weekend to hear an advance of the new Beyonce cd, I am…Sasha Fierce. I was not impressed, not in the least. And this is sad because I happen to love Beyonce and feel she has the potential to make great music. I didn’t add the advance to my iTunes, instead I am waiting on a retail copy of the deluxe edition, which even as a deluxe only has 16 tracks. I swear folk are jipping us.

Anyway, I decided to post this link for ppl to decide how they feel about two tracks “Diva” and “Video Phone” after I was doing a blog stroll and came across a cool blog called BlogXilla. I definitely enjoyed this new discovery and will be checking in from time to time, and heck maybe that can bring me more traffic. I love blog traffic, it makes me feel that its not all for naught (love the Sarah Palin reference). Back to topic.. “Diva” is supposed to be the female version of Lil Wayne’s “A Millie” and I just wish Beyonce would be the Queen she needs to be. REAL MUSIC!! UGH!!

Diva is to a similar beat as “A MIllie” and basically says that a Diva is the female version of a Hustla.. Now I firmly disagree with this because I thought being a Diva meant that you had a certain aura. She kinda has that “I know I’m a bad bitch vibe and you can’t compare”thing going on. And when I think of Hustla (with an “a” not an “er”) I think of someone who is grinding, doing what they need to do to get to where they need to be. For instance, someone who is working hard and going to school is hustling.. but they are not a HUSTLER, i.e. selling drugs on the street.

And “Video Phone” I’m just not sure what I think there.. I’ll get back to you on that..

Check out the songs here

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