Careful What you eat: Grapes w/ Spiders

Holy Moly! I found this article about a lady finding a black widow spider in her Costco Grapes. For those who don’t know, the Black Widow is the deadliest American arachnid-even their web is poisonous! Not something I’d like to find in my grapes-sometimes I just pick grapes up in the store and eat one (don’t judge me, everyone does it!). Then we I get home, I run water over them and put them in the fridge. Imagine, ingesting poison that way and not even knowing. Imagine that thing getting lose into your house and possibly biting you!

In case you’ve noticed more spiders around this year, which I’ve heard people say, it could be because in California farmers have been using spiders as a natural pesticide to keep insects off of the crops. While I applaud these efforts to stop the use poisonous pesticides, I think that they maybe should not use spiders that are dangerous to our health as well. Seriously, what kind of logic is that, let me not give you a man made poison, but a natural one instead. Although maybe their logic comes from the fact that no one has died from a Black widow bite since 1960 in America, but still. Confusion. This is definitely confirmation and reinforcement to always, ALWAYS wash your fruit. Like really wash it, just just run the water like I do and shake it. Not enough.


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