Circuit City Don’t Decieve Me!!!

Over the past few weeks there were articles about Circuit City closing 20% of their electronic stores. This made me sad. Circuit City was always my choice over Best Buy, maybe in part because where I grew up it was closer or because they are just a better store. I actually can’t even say I’ve been inside a best buy, because I always seek out a Circuit City. Either way, they are cool with me. So the news made me sad. I felt bad for the employees that would lose jobs, and the monopolization that would occur in the market if Best Buy is left standing alone, because no one shops at Six Ave Electronics, they aren’t as cool. They don’t even sell DVDs and stuff.

So, imagine my disappointment yesterday when I heard they filed Bankruptcy. Now, my first concern was “Oh snap, what about my extended laptop warranty!!!” What will I do! That kinda puts me out a few bucks!! So I had to Google what really happened, and I read that they didn’t file bankruptcy, but bankruptcy protection, Chapter 11. I felt a sigh of relief. And a little bit of joy because this means they are going to have killer Black Friday sales, and I need a new digital camera. Preferably a Canon, so I will be stalking them for a good price. But do people really feel that Best Buy is a better store? I can’t recall ever having been to a Best Buy and I don’t go to places like Walmart ( I don’t support Walmart at all) to buy my major electronic devices. What is the thrill of Best Buy? Is it the cool commercials? They were never located in close proximity to me, so I never felt the need to seek them out. Especially since Circuit City was doing a good job, and as far as websites go, I prefer CCs… am I just biased? No!! Better is Better.

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