Plastic Surgery Mishap: Hang Mioku

After reading this I knew I wanted to blog about this. So, first I sent it to a few of my nearest and dearest friends for conversation ideas at work and kinda let the day slip away.

Anyway, sometimes we forget that plastic surgery is not an American addiction, it is coveted by many across the globe. Hang Mioku, 48, is a Korean woman who became addicted to plastic surgery after having her first surgery at age 28. After her first surgery she moved to Japan and had many more operations eventually leading to her face being left enlarged and disfigured. Her face was so disfigured that her parents didn’t even recognize her. Some saw this addiction as a sign of a psychological disorder. Her parents, after the shock that this was actually their daughter, took her to a doctor and she began treatments that were too expensive to maintain so she eventually fell back into her old ways.

Now, this is where it gets really interesting. She eventually found some doctor who was willing to give her silicone injections, AND he gave her a syringe and silicone to take home and do some herself. The blasphemy does NOT stop there. When Hang ran out of silicone she began to inject cooking oil into her face. Yes, Hang decided that she would freshen up her face with Crisco. Her face eventually became so large that she began to get teased by children in her neighborhood, children as just cruel, calling her “standing fan” because of her large face and small body.

Eventually she was featured on TV in Korea and money was donated to help her have surgery to reduce the size of her face. When I read this, I did not laugh. I seriously had a WTF reaction, because this is crazy. I’m not going to post the pics, but I will post a link to them, because its sad. She was a cute girl, by our American standards, to begin with and now she says “she would simply like her original face back.” This is why plastic surgery isn’t something you want to get hooked to. I’m sure she is not the first person in regret of plastic surgery-say Hi to Tara Reid. Or we’ve all heard the stories of girls who got breast implants that nearly killed them or people who got Liposuction and had fat grow back patchy in some areas. Some things are just too much.

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