Shoes: Carlos Santana Ingenue

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve highlighted a pair of shoes that have caught my eye. So during my yet to be blogged about horrible experience in the Macy’s shoe department I saw these beautiful Carlos Santana boots across the room. I didn’t try them on because window shopping isn’t really my thing and they are nearly TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS!! I might try to catch them on a going out of season sale in a few months. But either way, these are the Ingenue. The ones pictured here are brown suede with a little leather seaming detail. Gorgeous! They have this cute little metallic shiny thing at the top too, I don’t know the function of it, but I like it. The heel is about 4 inches, which is a height I love! They also come in a black boot with red detailing. And a camel colored boot which is a lighter brown with an alligator looking embellishment.

I don’t know what it is, but all the boots I’ve been attracted to lately have been brown, even though I would like a new pair of black boots. I did try some black boots on the other day at the evil store known as Bakers, but they didn’t give the look I was going for, and they were too expensive for shoes I know are poorly made. Even these boots, I was more attracted to the brown, nothing against the black, but for me they just look better in brown. One day, hopefully soon, I will fulfill my goals of having rain boots AND black boots, and my shoedrobe will be complete. Yes, a shoedrobe, similar to a wardrobe!

2 thoughts on “Shoes: Carlos Santana Ingenue

  • santana61

    The bad news is that I think the Ingenue style has been dropped from the Santana Boots line. But, hopefully, the good news is that there are probably online stores that still carry them, and are selling them at a discount (checked Amazon, and they have them as low as $85). Good luck!

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