The Hulk is a Cash Cow!

Apparently some people need more to survive per month than my annual salary. I have never been married, but I think that some women take this alimony thing way too seriously. I am all for being able to make sure you maintain your necessities in life;  if your husband wanted you to be a homemaker, therefore you didn’t work and now you guys are divorcing. And celebrity wives are making a killing these days off someone elses money.

Hulk Hogan’s wife, Linda Bollea, is requesting an increase in her 40,000 a month alimony. Are you F**King kidding me? He already pays her that and still pays repair and maintenance of their home. The only things he doesn’t pay for are cable (can you blame him?), pest control, window washing, and their security system. So, even is she does pay for that stuff, she still has an additional what, 35000 per month? And, its not like she has children to support or pay for private school for. Her kids are grown and semi-self sufficient. The one did just get out of jail and the other considers herself a reality pop star of some sort. I just don’t believe this. I mean, after 24 years of marriage it sucks to get a divorce, but to try and drain the hubby’s pockets after he is being pretty generous is low. And, I mean, I don’t know how much money the Hulk is making these days off royalties and interest and stuff, but 40,000 a month is a helluva lot if you ask me and since no one did I’m still giving my opinion because its blasphemy! She spent 14,000 on plastic surgery. Why should he pay for how she looks, he’s not with her anymore!

It’s like these women having babies with athletes and celebrities, they make out like bandits! All you did was lay there with some sweaty jerk and now you get 15,000 a month. Babies are expensive, but not that damn expensive! I mean, granted some of these men want some crazy sexual favors, but dammit you should have worn a condom. But then again, they want this easy money. I’m sorry. I don’t want nobodies bad ass kid for a paycheck. It’s not worth it. Ugh. Damn groupies. OK, sorry for ranting.


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