Va-Jay-Jay: Every man & womans Kryptonite

I had to post this blog article from BlogXilla (yes, I am happy to have a new website to frequent, so deal with it!). It really does sum up how I’ve felt about this subject. Me and a friend were talking about this recently, and it’s refreshing to hear it from a guys P.O.V. It’s about how every woman.. especially us black girls I’ve noticed… loves to boast about how “good” her goodies are. His post gets two thumbs up!

Personally, I feel that modesty is a good thing. I would not be interested in having sex with a guy who brags about how good his loving is, so I think its probably the same with guys. The girls who boast how good their va-jay-jay is are probably the ones who just lay there and expect them to do all the work…maybe..

So check it out here: The Biggest Lie Told by Women

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