Battered BayWatch Beauty??

Dear Pam Anderson,

Baywatch Beauty? Not Anymore. What the bejesus have you done to yourself?Talk about a fall from grace! You used to be what some would deem a MILF, but now you just look super rundown. What is going on? This is a picture I found of you back in May, and at 40 you’re not looking too bad. So what has happened between then and now? Now you look like you’re ingesting Meth or some other deathly substance. Giirrrlll, you look like death is coming for you. Is this from having the Hep? I would hope not, because if so you need to find a better doctor. Gone is your signature sultry pout.. You’re hot factor is gone! You need to work to pull it together. Age gracefully. Look at Helen Mirren…

But let’s go over a few things. At 41, you should wear more cover clothing. You can still show off your infamous cleavage with more figure flattering clothes. And maybe its time to leave the tanning alone. Skin cancer is real. A very real danger for people with extended exposure to the sun. And while I think you do some admirable things, like being a voice for PETA (whom I’m not overly fond of) I think you should take better care of yourself. At 41 partying should be a little more limited. But then again, I am not a pseudo-celebrity like you, so I don’t know what that life entails. But anything that can age you this much in under a year is never good. Ask anyone, hell you see Amy Winehouse. Homegirl does NOT look her age which is the early 20s. I know you’re not exactly a spring chicken, but right now you look like someone who had a really bad chemical peel, or worse. Please do something to help yourself. The road to nowhere is a short one, and not easily able to make a U-turn, just ask your friend Mr. M. Jackson.

Not one to point out only the problem I am here to offer some solutions… Maybe pants every now and then. And maybe washing your face, with an exfoliator -no need for the peel. And maybe, jussssttt maybe back away from the booze and any hard drugs you’re doing. If not for your own health at least for your sons. Kids don’t need to see their mother like this. Especially teenagers, you’re kids aren’t so young that they can’t just click on the internet and see what a druggie their Mom looks like. I don’t know how you’re living in Canada, but here you need to pull it together Ms. Anderson!

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