Beyonce: 2 new videos!

Beyonce’s album is still on my I’m not quite sure if I like it list. Some songs stand out, but others don’t. I like ‘Smash into You’ , ‘Broken-hearted Girl’, ‘Why Don’t You Love Me’ (from the Japanese bonus version). Ones I’m not sure about are ‘Ego’, ‘Hello’ and ‘Satellites’. I did have high hopes for Beyonce, I miss the Dangerously in Love Beyonce. That was a classic album.

Now, I said in this post that Beyonce could do better than songs like “Diva” or if I didn’t say it I definitely thought it. I do NOT like this song in the least bit. So, when I saw still images of the video a few weeks ago I was thinking maybe the video will make me like this song, because sometimes that does happen. Definitely NOT the case here. This video is a mess. I don’t get the dancing, why she blew up the car, why she has these ugly ass shades that look like drapes. Beyonce, what is up with you? And the thing with her new double cd is that she releases 2 videos at the same time. So “Halo” also has a video and this one is better even though she is having her Flashdance/Dirty Dancing: Havana nights/ A Chorus Line moments. But damn, this girl is bi-polar. One video is superactive and glam and another is full of a calmer/innocent person. I need a happy medium because it makes me dizzy trying to figure out what personality she is going to be. It almost looks like in the Halo video she is practicing for her role as Sasha Fierce, LOL. Anyway, for your viewing enjoyment, here she is… Sashonce!

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