Boy returns 10,000: There is hope for good

It’s always good to hear a feel good story since we are living in such chaotic times.  Right before Thanksgiving we were reminded yet again how crazy this world is with the attacks on Mumbai.  That was not a great entry into an American holiday.  So, over the weekend (my wonderful four-day weekend) I read this article about a 17-year-old boy in Federal Way, Washington who found a “pretty thick stack” of money in the bathroom at his part-time job at Top Food & Drug.  After some internal debate about what to do Moisei Baraniuc decided to turn the money in to his supervisor.  They then counted the money, all 50 and 100 dollar bills, to a grand total of $10,000!! After counting the money his supervisor called 911 and reported the missing money, police then came and did whatever it is that police do in these situations.  Later, a man calls the store and said he’d left it.  He said the money was his life savings which he usually kept at home but because he was moving he had it there with him.  After verifying store surveillance and stuff they finally handed the money back over to Fred Smith.

This story brightened my day.  I know that the kid faced some serious inner turmoil in the time he made that decision. Here he was, from an immigrant family who came here five years ago with $300 and here is a free sack of money that no one has to know about.  But then there is the down side.  This money means something to someone, they can’t get this back.   Flashing through my head would have been that scene from Saved by the Bell, where Zack and the gang were at the mall and found a bag of money.  Later they found out they were on a candid camera TV show.  Things like $10,000 never just appear.  AND reporting it to the police doesn’t always equate to it being eventually returned to the original party, cops “lose” evidence all the time.

This story kept me feeling good for a large part of the weekend though and then I had a personal good experience, well my friend did but since I was there I was part of it.  Me and said friend were at the mall doing some mall like things and when we left she dropped her purse outside in the rain.  We didn’t realize this until we were obviously not at the mall anymore.  So frantically she called Macy’s security and mall security trying to find her purse, but no such luck.  So we headed back out that way and scoped out the parking lot looking for her rain soaked purse but no luck.  She went into the Macy’s checked around again.  We checked the cars that were near our spot and decided we’d wait the people out because if they found it and turned it in they would tell us, right? Anyway, while we were sitting there Macy’s security called her and let her know someone turned it in.  So she and I were both ecstatic.. and to celebrate I bought new shoes! Don’t judge me, they were on sale..

It’s always wonderful that good people are out there.  We need to see more examples like this to keep our faith alive.  We all need faith, or at least I do.

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