Britney Spears: America Loves a Comeback!

In case anyone cares (I don’t really but I just needed to blog about something; and this was semi-interesting and I got to say that America Loves a comeback) in some super miracle of miracles Britney Spears debuted her new album Circus at Number 1. Now, its not enough to be number 1 for the sake of being number one, she sold 500,000+ copies in her first week, coming just under Taylor Swift for 2008s biggest debut. She even outsold Sasha Fierce’s first week… This, along with the great success of Mariah Carey’s Emancipation of MiMi, really does show that we as Americans love a comeback. This is why everyone wants Michael Jackson to get it together. But back to Brit Brit. I can’t even pretend that I didn’t catch myself singing “Womanizer” at the most random times. I’d be sitting at my work desk and the next thing I know I’m humming, “Womanizer oh, you’re a womanizer.” Damn that song for being on an episode of my guilty please, Gossip Girl. I love those upper East Side brats, LOL.

Brit hasn’t had a #1 single since ‘Baby One More Time’ which was a super shocker to me. So I guess ‘Womanizer’ was a good luck for her. And she’s passing digital records also (286,000 online sales) since SoundScan started tracking downloads in 2003. This woman is showing that even though she is a loony as a loony toon, she is capable of selling records. Hell, even her tours are still selling out-they recently had to add a few more dates. See, Whitney (Houston) you too can make a comeback.. just let Bobby go and make your way back to the top… No receipts necessary…


I still can’t believe no #1 Singles since ‘Baby one more time’. I can’t believe t his wasn’t a number one single:

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