Choco-Minty Goodness!

ChocoMinty Coconut Cookies
ChocoMinty Coconut Cookies

I don’t know if its been made clear in the past, but I like to cook, I might even venture to say that I borderline love to cook.  I am intrigued by the way different flavors mesh and can’t wait to buy The Flavor Bible, when it goes down in price.  So, one day I’m blog strolling and I came across this blog, which features different baking recipes.  Now, while I think I have the cooking thing done pretty well, but don’t ask me to make a Beef Wellington anytime soon, I have not conquered baking.  So, on this blog I found her recipe for Chocominty Coconut Cookies.  I love mint chocolate so these instantly got printed and I conspired to make them. The ingredients sounded like things I could pick up from my local supermarket,so I decided to give them a go.  After all, I love trying new things, and baking is my next goal.  Well, there are a few more dishes I’d like to master, but I can multitask..

Now, I don’t know the difference between pastry flour and regular flour.  The recipe called for wheat pastry flour, however in the aisle at Stop & Shop they only had wheat flour.  On the package it said great for baking so I went with that since pastry flour wasn’t there.  All the other ingredients were easy, brown sugar and coconut among them.  I get home and set my butter out to become room temperature, which takes forever.  I was getting anxious so I put it in the microwave for 10 seconds.  Then I let it sit while I mixed all the other ingredients.  After adding the butter, I wish it was a little softer, but it was  pretty thick cookie dough.  I’ve only made cookies from scratch one or two times and they were oatmeal cookies, so they should be dry. Since then Pillsbury and Tollhouse have been my cookie go-tos, so this was pretty dry, but i did as the instructions said and rolled it into a log and refridgerated it for the designated two hours.  It instructs you to cut in in 1/4 inch slices, but I had no clue how to judge that, so I decided to wing it and came out with some different sized slices on my cookie sheet. I baked them for the instructed 10 minutes, but they didn’t seem done, so I left them in for a few more minutes.  Not the best idea.


After taking them out and letting them cool, I had a very delicious mint choco cookie.  However, it was tough on the teeth.  Not the best results for cookies.  But they were so good, strong flavors..  At first I had doubts because it used so little mint extract (half teaspoon).  I wondered if the mint flavor would stand out, and it really does.  I will definitely try to make these again, I would like them to have a “gooey” factor, so after I get the recipe down, I might add in some semi-sweet chocolate chips for added “gooey” ness.  They may be hard, but they taste damn good with milk! I shall master baking . . . one day…

My first bite of minty goodness
My first bite of minty goodness

4 thoughts on “Choco-Minty Goodness!

  • Oh! Great job!

    These cookies are the kind of cookie that you want to let completely cool down on the cookie sheet before removing them. They’ll seem gooey and undercooked when you take them out.
    If you’re worried about the eggs being uncooked, worry no more. Eggs become safe to eat around 160 degrees. Since you’re baking your cookies in a 350 degree oven for 10 minutes, they’ll reach a temperature WAY higher than 170 degrees by the time you take them out. Take them out a couple minutes earlier than you did. You always have carryover cooking, so even after you take your cookies out, they’ll cook just a bit more.
    You made the right choice with the whole wheat flour, no worries there!!

    Great job! I’m glad that you enjoyed my recipe!! That’s one of my favorite recipes! Thanks soo much!

  • (hey, I was just browsing through your blog.. and I saw that you’re from New Jersey? Hell yeah, I’m from Long Island. I love you guys over there!!)

  • sexualnature

    be honest…you know I love my minty chocolate too, do you think this is a cookie I can enjoy? I wasnt too sure about the coconut. Not a big coconut fan…

  • desiresinspiration

    they were really good… I crushed some up the next day and ate with some vanilla ice cream… YUMMY!!! The coconut isn’t that strong.. but I guess if you decided to make them you could leave it out.. I actually re-made them on Friday night and they weren’t as hard and i put some chocochips in the mix.. and put one or two on top b4 they baked… banging!!!

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