Man loses job & kills his boss..

Every month we read about thousands of jobs being lost in this crazy economy, which was recently announced as an actual recession.  As if we didn’t already know.  This just goes to show that the government really feels that its people are idiots.  And well, some of us are.. I like to think I’m not.  But I digress, pretty soon we are going to see more direct results of the job losses, like this guy in Vancouver.  Benjamin David Banky, 40 was allegedly shot by Eric Allen Kirkpatrick, 61, who was recently laid off.  Banky was the CEO of TallGrass Distribution LTD., a health foods company, which laid off Kirpatrick on December 11th.  I’m guessing that he had worked for this company for many years and was nearing retirement, or whatever they call it in Canada, and he was let go.  Hell, I’d shoot him too.  Of all the employees you could have laid off, I’m the one? Right before the holidays? And I’m 61? Maybe he shouldn’t have interrupted the company Christmas party, because that does seem like he’s going to let off rounds in everyone.

I don’t agree with his violent approach to solving his unemployment problem, but I do understand his frustration. And I’m sure this won’t be the last of the tragedies that will sprout from many lost jobs. Think about this, he is 61, he probably has kids around college age or around the age where they get married.  He needs his income for things like that.  Not to mention retirement is approaching.  He isn’t going to get 4 years of unemployment pay. So now he and his wife (assuming he’s married ) will be forced to dig into their pension plans and other savings to finance their life. They will more than likely be forced to sell their home and move into more humble dwellings.

Violence increases in times of high unemployment. I can’t cite my source, but I remember learning about this in sociology.  People, down on their last resources, result to more primal reactions. I mean, think about it, most of their luxuries have been taken away. Livelihood is a thing of the past. It’s not really comforting to know that those around you are in the same boat.  You begin to work harder to protect the little that you do have and scenarios arise where you’re battling someone over the last pound of sugar in the grocers aisle.  These will not be easy times to get through, especially as states run out of resources to help their citizens.. and while the government continues to pour our tax dollars at failed companies and not actually back into the tax payers.


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