Shoprite refuses to decorate cake for Adolf Hitler!

I’m ashamed to say that these people are from the great state of New Jersey, but its true.  But this just goes to show how one small state can have such a variety of people.  These people should move and never come back.  And as much as I don’t want to give them any more “fame” by blogging about them, this is just nonsense. I feel that people of this sort will use any opportunity to promote their agenda.  In this case, they might as well just stamp on their foreheads we’re racist bigots.

Heath and Deborah Campbell have named their three children interesting names: JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, Honszlynn Hinler Campbell, and Adolf Hitler Campbell.  Why? Because they are idiots who shouldn’t be allowed to raise children.  OK, maybe that’s harsh but anyone who glorifies the Holocaust deserves to be forced to live in the torture that was forced among millions of people.  These names are doing the kids a huge disservice, it may not seem so now, but wait until they begin to learn and read about the origins of their names from a viewpoint other than their parents.  These backwoods idiots made headlines because a ShopRite supermarket refused to personalize a cake for the young Adolf’s birthday.  Shoprite offered to make a cake leaving them room to make their own inscription, but the family turned that down saying they don’t understand what the fuss is about? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?? It makes me angry that they are acting oblivious, as if they don’t know the history behind the name.  No matter how much you try to say that Hitler is the past and you’re son won’t be that way, it doesn’t mean people will forget the origin of the name.  I would have refused them service also, citing just as Shoprite had, that it is inappropriate. Guess where they went to get it done? WALMART!!! This is why I don’t support that moral less company!

A lot of ShopRites, like the one I worked at in high school, have owners that are Jewish.  I don’t know about this particular store, but I’m sure the owners are standing by their staffs decision to not decorate this cake. The fact is that, this is a family that glorifies what the Nazi party stood for. In the article they have a gallery where the man has a swastika tattoo and another on his car. He has them in every room of his goddarn house!  No, its not illegal, but you can’t expect people to share and embrace this with you.. He was asked by the NJ Dept. of Child and Family services to remove the swastika from his car because it could endanger the children.  Someone might see it and want to kill them.  I can see why. This is more than having an interest in German history.. this is following a certain mindset. This is a case where the court should interject, like they did with the kid who’s name was like Number 7 Bus Shelter… WTF…You want you kids to have unique names? So do people who name their kids Tashadiniya and they get ridiculed and looked down as “ghetto” all the time.

I kind of feel sorry for the poor kid.  He is stuck with these dumbasses as parents.  I hope he learns enough to not grow up in their same mindset.  I mean, they said they aren’t racist but don’t believe races should mix.. how is that NOT a racist? I mean, here are two individuals who don’t work who have three kids.  WTF.  These people are the reason why we are in a recession.  My NJ Tax dollars are being used to feed your hate? OH NO! Hopefully they realize that no good job is going to hire someone named Aryan Nation or Adolf Hitler.  It is true, names get discriminated on, it happens all the time.  I think the point of the article in the Express-Times wasn’t to highlight the family but to show that the company was upholding their moral standing, which is rare sometimes.  It is courageous to take a stand like they did and I applaud that.


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