What in the Shoe hell?? Via Spiga Adelle booties

It’s been awhile since I had a shoe posting, so I’m sorry I can’t report on something cuter.  I was browsing the Macy’s website doing some E-window shopping since I put myself on  a strict shoe diet, no more new shoes until spring at least (or my tax refund whichever comes first), and I came across these Via Spiga Adelle Booties.  I find these boots to be atrocious! First off they have that weird shiny patent-y coat that makes them look like several different colors, almost like you’re looking at the colors in a puddle of water.  That is strike one.  Next they added the gold toe cap and heel cup, but I can’t figure out why. They do nothing for these shoes.  I don’t know what offends me more, the sheer fugliness of these shoes or that I’ve found reviews of people online saying how cute they are.  These are an eyesore!I like patent leather on some shoes. In fact, lately (my newest addition) are the BCBGirls Jo Boot, and the whole bottom part is black patent leather. These are shoes that highlight when patent leather goes wrong!

But wait, they cost $ 275!! @#$!@@$#$ (that’s me cursing!) What in shoe hell?? I have seen better shoes at the Family Dollar! I will say that they might be super wearable, but the looking at them in these colors are a pain.  I found a black pair at Endless.com and those look fairly decent for simple booties, I could see them being worn with a cute sweater dress or some skinny jeans and a nice top.  However,  these colors need to be banned.   BANNED I tell you!

One thought on “What in the Shoe hell?? Via Spiga Adelle booties

  • Onebaddboo

    I could rock with the black ones…. No comment about the ones with color! How DARE they create a boot with those colors!

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