Fame Whoring: Ray-J Reality Show…

What is wrong with TV? With Viacom in particular.. First they bombarded people with the Flavor Flav show, Flavor of Love. Then it was Rock of love, For the LOVE Of money. Fuck LOVE! OR at least the Viacom STD filled version of LOVE! I guess its really the production company, 51 minds productions fault, but damn Viacom keeps buying them!

The next real chance at love (ha, look @ that!) is for Ray-J, you know, “ain’t that Brandy’s brother” Ray-J, and its called…. “For the Love of RAy-J. Yes, these folks who get paid the big money are so creative. They are getting paid millions of dollars while the people responsible for teaching our children. WTF! This festival of famewhoring begins on Feb 2nd.. Basically a bunch of random chicks searching for reality TV fame are competing to be the “ride or die” chick for the dick that banged Kim Kardashian. (side note: I heard that the sex tape was ok… that his tool was noteworthy…).

This skanky version of the Bachelor will be filled with all types of Tom Foolery I’m sure. Ok, Let’s go over the names of the unlucky 14 clinic patients. Why do they need to give all these ho’s nicknames? And who the hell thinks of them? What ever happened to just being Nancy Sue and being calling you that.. Nicknames have to be earned, or at least to me. I hate when I just meet someone and they are like can I call you XXX for short.. I’m always like NO, you can call me XXXXXXX or nothing at all…

(pics can be viewed over on VH1)

1. Atomic Bomb-she kinda looks like Hoops from Flavor of Love season 1…

2. Cashmere

3. Caviar: why would you want to be associated with fish no matter how expensive it can be…

4. Cocktail: raging drunk of the house?

5. Danger: pretty girl who fucked up her face with a tattoo… Now I love tattoos, have 3 and will prob get more, but NEVER… EVER!! on my goddamn face!! she should have been named stupid..


7. Genuine: standard plus size girl…

8. Hot Cocoa

9. Lil’ Hood: why do people continually want to be associated and stigmatized as hood? NEWSFLASH: HOOD PEOPLE DON’T WANT TO BE HOOD!!!!!

10. Naturalle

11. Stacks 12. Stilts

13. Unique

14. Chardonnay: ???? word??

If you want to lose some brain cells.. go ahead.. watch.. but please.. when your eyes begin to bleed.. don’t call me…

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