Granny Got a Gun: Part II

Old people are not playing when it comes to protecting themselves. I guess they figure that someone’s got to do it… A few months ago I posted about Leda Smith from PA who apprehended a burglar in her home. She held him at gunpoint and made HIM call the police. Leda must have called her girl Sandra in Michigan and told her to get one in case she gets robbed because Sandra did the same damn thing.

Sandra was home on Sunday night splitting wood for her fire and making vegetable soup when she heard ruckus (her words not mine, I swear. I say fuckery not ruckus) outside. When she heard the ruckus, which included footsteps around her yard and deck, she grabbed her gun and called 911. A few minutes later Cyrus Brown bust through her Patio door. Apparently his car hit a utility pole and he then decided to break in? What happened to knocking and asking to use the phone. That’s what usually happens, well not anymore because you can still get shot doing that. Sandra said, “Immediately, I felt there was danger because he was so desperate.” I have never met a non-desperate robber, well i don’t know any robbers, but I assume you have to be to break into someones home. Or just plain trifling. Sandra, feeling this danger from this desperate man told him to get down on the floor, and if he came any closer she would shoot to kill. She also wanted to see his hands at all times. Is she a retired cop? Or was her hubby? They have the 911 recording out there where you can here her demanding him to get down. Granny 2 wasn’t playing. She said forget to injure you, I’m going to kill your ass.

Sandra was really happy to have had a gun because she heard about people dying in their own homes, but she wasn’t trying to go out like that. However, apparently she hurt her poor little aged heart. All the excitement has landed her in the hospital. So I wonder if she can sue him for damages? Why didn’t he turn around and run when he saw her gun?

I can imagine Sandra in the hospital getting daps from her girls. They are all like “You go girrrrlll.” My favorite quote of the article was her friend, “Don’t mess with the gray haired people! We still got a lot of fight in us.” CLASSIC!


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