OMG! When did Close?


I love/loved  So imagine my surprise today when I decided I was going to go get my test on and they were closed.  IDK what sparked this.  They had some good ass tests on their site. I have a folder in my Gmail dedicated to my Tickle results.  I have my sexual persona, my personality type, and my subconscious mind among others.

Formerly known as, Tickle was founded on the belief that personal insight and connections to others could be both scientific and fun. Tickle was the leading interpersonal media company, providing self-discovery, and social networking services. Their results, if you answered as honestly as possible with the choices, were usually so on point. I read online that they had psychology and marketing experts from Harvard, Yale, Duke, Northeastern, Washington University in St. Louis, SUNY at Albany, and The University of Kansas on staff.  I remember when it used to be too, LOL.   I wonder what the site upkeep was there? They had over 200 tests, some PHd Certified.

If you type in they will refer you to other career based sites, but its just not the same.  The biggest one they are boosting is, which doesn’t seem as fun or interesting.  Sigh.. I’m sad.. I guess I’ll head over to  and b.s. over there…

9 thoughts on “OMG! When did Close?

  • Samjet

    I’ve just discovered that yesterday! When i saw the page saying tickle is closed, i was almost gonna cry… I really love that site. I never found a quiz site that gives accurate results like tickle. I never trusted any other quiz site. This is really sad!

  • desiresinspiration

    I know. I’m still not over it! every time I think about it I get a wave of sadness . . .

  • TheBlueButterfly

    I seriously am heartbroken over this development. For me, Tickle closing is similar to the loss of a best friend. I’m not even exaggerating. I first came across the site around 2001 or 2002 and I have been enamored with it ever since. They had the best quizzes around. They were fun AND insightful. And the results were always spot on (at least for me) …not to mention thorough. No one liner results, that’s for damn sure. I definitely got my money’s worth …or since in this case, my time’s worth. Tickle was definitely one of a kind. It’s unfortunate because I sort of lost touch with it over the past few years. I came back over a year or so again and realized how much I had missed it. I remember signing on, reflecting over quizzes I had taken that were at least 3 or 4 years old, and even taking some new ones to boot. I smiled the entire time. After that one time, life got really busy for me and I never went back ….until tonight. I was all set to get some good Tickle time in …and whaddya know …no more Tickle. Ugh, it seriously makes me upset. If you really think long and hard about it, it seems like everything around us is “going under” ….Tickle, the financial market, government itself, in many respects. So ok, I better stop now, before I burst into tears. It’s silly, I know, to get all worked up over a silly site but I just really loved it. And there’s obviously others like me who feel the same. Sigh. It’s true what they say ya’ll …good things never last. It’s a shame. I know it’s foolish of me to hope but does anyone think they’ll bring Tickle back? I can’t even imagine how many people slaved to make the site the booming sensation it was but if there were just ONE person who’d be willing to put it back up ……ooh. A girl can dream.

  • Angie

    O NOOOZ! I just found out tickle was closed 0_o

    I LOVED THAT PLACE! It was an honestly productive activity when I was bored…ah 🙁


  • Andy

    Yeah that place was freakin awesome! It helped me learn so much about myself too.

    Oh, by the way, you cannot have “folders” in Gmail. You can have labels though.

  • desiresinspiration

    You are right, they do have labels, I guess we’re so used to saying folders that we don’t realize that Google doesn’t do them.

  • ahmed

    lol, I believe that tickle closed down because they had a class action lawsuit brought against them in 2007 and even the settlement brought the whole shebang crashing down. Sad but true. Check it out: court of california.

  • desiresinspiration

    I never heard about this lawsuit, thank you so much for the link. I will be reading more and doing research on this.

  • desiresinspiration

    I tried the site that they direct you to, and was not impressed. It didn’t feel as personal as Tickle. If I come across one I will definitely update!

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