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I always tell everyone that I don’t listen to the radio because it sucks.  Well, its true.  Lately I’ve been letting the alarm radio run while I get ready for work in the mornings. I’ve been listening to  Ed Lover and his crew’s  morning show on Power 105.1 fm and I enjoy it when they are talking. It’s the music that kills me.  The radio runs from 7:05 am to 8:05 am and in that hour, Monday through Friday, I hear the same 5 songs.  What the hell, with all the music out there, you can only play 5 songs during this hour? The songs usually are:

1.  Usher – Trading Places: I liked this song until I was forced to listen to it daily.  Now I just want you to be you and go home…
2. Ron Brown – Pop Champagne: I think Skillz had it right when he said, “we in a recession you ain’t poppin’ shit.” HA!
3. Neyo – Mad: yeah.. I’m not going to bed mad, but I have woken up mad because this song is always on.
4. Jamie Foxx/Ne-Yo/Fabolous – She got her own: I think this song is ok, but when he says, “she takes pride in saying she paid for it” I snark and say, NOT ME.  I enjoy saying it was a gift, it makes me feel loved.  And I get to save my money… I’m just sayin… You can be “independent” and know how to graciously accept gifts . .
5. T.I. ft. Rihanna – Live ya Life: UGH.. Why hasn’t Rihanna fell off the face of the earth yet?

To be fair, the 5th song varies from time to time, but the rotation circle is pretty slim. Maybe I’m only meant for talk radio. If Ed Lover doesn’t do something about this, he’s going to lose the coveted AM drive time slot to Mr. Steve Harvey over on WBLS.  Steve is awesome in the morning and WBLS has a better musical selection.  ED if you’re reading this: HE’S COMING FOR YOU! (as if you care).

3 thoughts on “Radio Killer

  • sexualnature

    I HATE every single song on that list. I actually like south jersey’s stations more than the ones up yonder. I used to miss them but when Im up there and stuck listening to radio I can’t wait to get back to south jersey lol! The stations play a wider variety of music on the same station so its a bit more songs on rotation. I like lady gaga and kevin rudolph but I doubt I’d hear those songs on hot 97 and what not

  • Are you close enough to Philly to listen to WMMR 93.3? Great morning show. Radio really could make a come back if they stopped shoving that pre-progammed crap through the airwaves.

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