Random Ramblings

What better way to talk about random things than with a Far Side comic strip…

Random Ramblings..

1. I commute now to work since I recently moved.  I noticed a few things, besides the fact that most people cannot drive.

-yellow cars almost always drive fast.  If ever you are in a rush-get behind a yellow car (not to be confused with a taxi)
-People do NOT know how to merge.  Merging creates the absolute worse traffic congestions. I avoid routes with heavy mergers because I hate sitting in traffic and I don’t like to let people in front of me.
-living farther away I am actually more punctual for work than I am when I lived ten minutes away.  Go figure.
-I’m overly aware of rises and drops in gas prices.  AND I now try to make sure I pay cash for gas since it is normal now to charge two different prices for cash and card, which  think is highway robbery.  WHO THE FUCK CARRIES CASH!! WTF!! I miss my old EXXon I used to go to, it was same price.
-Is EZpass really that easy? I mean kinda, yes when you’re going through those like big 7 lane EZpass sections, but other times, I debate about it. I mean yes, only have to slow to 15 mph is better than a complete stop, but why can’t I zoom though at like 45? That would be even more convenient.  I’m just saying! But it is great to know that when I’m down to my last 2 dollars, I don’t have to save $1 for my toll.

I thought of a lot more while I was driving home from work today, but for some reason now I can’t think.  FREAK! I will update this as I get the new ideas..

2. Things I found wrong with the Notorious Movie.
-This “biopic” had no point. Yes, we are telling the story of Christopher Wallace, but from who’s view.  Was it how his mother saw him? How his friends saw him? I felt that this lack of vision really hurt the (barely there) plot line.
-Anti-Climatic.. yes, I knew everything about him.  I knew he sold drugs, I knew he got “discovered” by Puff and that him and Pac were cool.  The point of a biopic/biography/whatever you want to call it is to let people know something they didn’t know about the character.  Give them the hidden details that they secretly are dying to know. Although in this paparazzi age nothing is a secret.
3.  They movie neglected to have any real relationships developed. He met Kim, fucked her. If him and Puff were BOOYYYZZZZ like Puffy portrays that wasn’t shown in the movie.  Him & Faiths relationship wasn’t even developed.  This made for loopholes. I mean, one minute him & faith were fighting the next she had a baby. WTF!! I’m glad this movie didn’t get my duckets!
-Derek Luke is better than this.  Seriously.  WTF man.  I love you!! Why are you playing Puffy? seriously??? All the other acting was cool… And Angela Basset.  why?  Ur getting ER money now!!! And was this really a passion project? Lemme know girl!

3. Why the hell is winter in full force? It is colder than Alaska’s uncle out there.  Damn global climate change.  Naturally here on the East coast we have cold winters, but this one has been brutal. I’m deeply saddened.

4. the other day I was driving and I saw PeptoBismo pink stretch Hummer… I mean seriously.. did you really need to put an obnoxious car in such an obnoxious color? Why must you torment my eyes.

5. I signed up for a class this semester.  And yay, I’m excited but I reallized I have an undergraduate mentality in a grad School world.  I need to get reacclimated and adjusted quick before I realize I wasted my money! I am excited for learning and using my brain, but not for having to read so much in 3 days.

6. The economy is NOT an excuse for everything. “Officer I was speeding, but you  know.. blame the economy.”

7. speaking of tickets, I got a ticket in the mail after New Years, at my old apartment.  The ticket says the offense occured on 10/3, but was dated 12/29.  And mailed to me on January 6th. What kind of blasphemy is this shit? How do I dispute something that happned 32 years ago? Being that they lost my ticket for so long, I’m losing theirs. which probably isn’t the best idea, but I’m satisfied that its a great retaliatory act.

5 thoughts on “Random Ramblings

  • Ambitious Que

    And, I actually liked a few parts of the movie. I enjoyed the Lil’ Kim sexual scene ( well maybe that’s the freak in me.) I also enjoyed the part of the movie when he performed, “Who shot ya”. That scene gave me chills. It brought me back to those times when biggie was heavy in the CD player. The jacket. The camera shots. The pauses. The look work was very artistic, well at least to me. Check out that part again if a quality bootleg falls into your DVD.

    But maybe I am a bit obtuse.

  • psy1

    i dont think people know how to drive. period. i for one know that i shouldn’t be allowed to ever obtain a driver’s license. why? because i drive like king of the road. everyone must bow down to me when im driving otherwise there are dire consequences, usually not good for other drivers. im sure there are a LOT more drivers like me which is ….well….. kinda bad for people like you.
    i think the main objective of ezpass and the like is to save money. how? less tokenbooth clerks, more machines mean less checks to hand out. plus its quicker for the average driver to just slow down and get electronically swiped. on the flipside of things this is the city/state/governments way of keeping tabs on you. yes, big brother is watching and tracking your every move.

    the economy IS an excuse for everything. why are you late for work? eh, the economy. why do the knicks suck so much? eh, the economy.

  • Onebaddboo

    EZ pass is the greatest..but only when your above your min amount… My boos replenish amount is over $100!!!! Who ACTUALLY wants EZ PASS to automatically deduct that out of their accounts???? Geesh, the darn economy! 😉

    Congrats on taking a class!

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