Review: My Bloody Valentine

So, with all the movies I want to see I ended up at the movies on Saturday seeing my bloody valentine because my friend saw everything else.  MBV is a 3-D Slasher film, however we weren’t able to see it in 3-d we had to settle for regular.  If a movie is released in 3d all theaters should have to honor that.  But I digress.. Here is my review, I will try not to spoil it for everyone… too much..

The only person I recognized fully in this was the guy Kerr Smith, who was on Dawson’s Creek and he was on Charmed, so he stood out.  All the others had faces that looked familiar, but I couldn’t place. Although the main character was definitely sexy, his voice was yummy! LOL! Lots of gore in this movie, from the very beginning.  This is where they give the initial action that leads to the course of events 10 years later.  They definitely should have developed this more, spent maybe another 15 minutes on it or something.  There are some loopholes here. Why did Harry Warren go biserk? What led to the initial Valentine’s Day Massacre? What Harry Warden did was insane! I was gripping my seat like ” Oh no he DIDN”T!” But I’d still like to know why, that loophole bothers me.  But Slasher movies come with  many loopholes, they are not known for seriously strong plots.  Oh, did I mentions this was a remake, I didn’t know that until I IMDB’ed it, which lets you know of course that as with The Day the Earth Stood Still I did not see the original.  Ok. So basically something tragic happens and fast forward ten years later something else tragic happens which is what the movie is about.

This film is Rated R… guess what, there is some full frontal nudity… I was SHOCKED.  I was not expecting that, hell I hadn’t even heard of this movie until it was suggested. Homegirl fights the killer -NUDE! Why do all killers have to have a one piece uniform/mask-think Michael Myers in his button up or zip up thing… and think Jason in his overalls… why do they follow this formula.  I mean, in this movie I guess it works because you aren’t sure who the killer is, but Jason & Mike have been killed like 42 thousand times… what gives?

OK, back to the review without giving too much up… Basically this film follows most of the standard slasher film rules-confused girl over who the killer is, lots of gore, twist at the end.  But it works.. and it works well.  I did not meet one person who saw it this weekend who said it was bad.  Must be the 3d! Check it out and tell me what you thought of it..

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