Cop Finds out his Co-Worker is his Daddy

Last week I read a story about a man who discovered that his co-worker was actually his father.  Can you believe that? Apparently Police Sgt. Chris Walker never knew who his father was, and this was constantly a source of discontent with him.  It’s kind of a classic story, wife & husband separate.  She bangs new guy (this time a younger guy) and gets preggers.  She then tells estranged husband that she’s preggers and they get back together. All the while she secretly things separation fling guy is the father.  One day Mother told Son that the man he thought was his father, on his birth certificate, wasn’t really his father (this happens all the time believe it or not!).  After finding this out Walker was obsessed with finding who his father is.  His searched ended with his new co-worker Detective Clay Hamilton.  How odd is that, the chance that they both became cops? Is that like some dormant gene that cop fathers pass to their children? A lot of guys, like this kid from my hometown, become cops because of their dads. Anyway, after DNA test proved that he was actually the son of his co-worker they’ve been bonding and all that good stuff.

I love how they are downplaying the fact this this adult (married) woman slept with a 15 year old boy.  Not one article I read said anything about this.  They weren’t questioning why she slept with such a young boy.  I mean, he was barely a teenager, what was he a freshmen in high school? This is some Desperate Housewives crap.  This kind of stuff can ruin families.  I mean this man, Clay, has a family of his own. And yeah it was a long time ago, but now his other kids – a young son and older daughter (35)- have to deal with having a new sibling. And the wife has to deal with this too.  For a kid discovering his father, that’s awesome, but the father now has a lot of explaining to do.  But wait, get this.  Apparently neither of them (the parents) really knew each others names. He thought she was BIllie Joe Walker somebody and she thought his name was Clayton.  Her name is Debbie and his is Claiborne.  Tsk Tsk.

Can you imagine how bad this situation could have turned out? Imagine if you thought the person was a total douchebag or they were just a complete idiot.  That would make it so much harder to come to terms with.  I know for me, there are a few people at work who I’m like, “WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU???” But then there are others who I wonder how they’d respond if I asked “Hey, you’re pretty cool. Do you want to adopt a fully grown college graduate?”


You know this kid had a few moments like this growing up:

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