Sims 3: PUSHED BACK!!!!

OH NO! I heard this weekend that Sims 3 wasn’t being released until June.  I knew this was a lie, because all the information I had said Febuary.  So imagine my shock when I found out it indeed was pushed back. I am fuming angry! I was ready for some new Sim-adventures!!!BLOODY HELL!!

I found this info on another blog, simworldnews, that they are pushing it back for better marketing.  BLASPHEMY I tell you! This is wretched (this is my new favorite word).  I probably wasn’t going to actually buy the Sims for a few months because of budget reasons, but I wanted to read about it, talk to others who played it, and pretty much oogle it and give them time to work out any kinks.  I’m extremely sad. Well… at least I can put the wish out there for a birthday gift now 🙂

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