Time Magazine reviews Facebook’s 25 Random things!

Anyone who is anyone on Facebook (formerly www.thefacebook.com, how many people remember that?) has done a 25 random things about me, been tagged in one, or read one.  At first it started out with 16 things, then tagging 16 of your friends who then in turn did their own 16 things.  But it evolved.  So after being bombarded with tags for random things I did one.  And dammit, I thought mine was quite funny.  I find myself to be amusing, hence the reason I write this blog.  I also think other people might find me amusing.  I used to get this same quiet enjoyment from spreading my wonderfulness by doing myspace surveys.  I used to copy other peopls and fill in my own answers.  Or if  I really had a lot of time I sought out my own surveys and completed them.  Eventually I got to the point where I felt I had said everything that could be said about myself.  Everyonce in a while I’ll indulge again.  So when I did my 25 random things, I thought of all my friends form myspace who also use facebook and how they would relish in this welcome resurgence of my wittiness.  In case you care, some tidbits from my random things are:

-I have read all the Little House on the prarie books, at least twice.
-I own a didgeridoo…
-I’ve never driven in NYC and have no plans to do it anytime soon.
-My blackberry is a she. She tried to commit suicide by jumping off the table. Damn her!
-I hate when people post pregnant pictures of themselves online. Pregnant bellies are creepy and scary. It is also not OK to post pics of your sonogram. I particularly don’t care to ever see inside someones uterus. ICK

People who know me have found humor and solace in my random things I am sure.  So today I came across this article on Time.com (TIME Magazine I tell you.  Facebook is really a phenomenon-way better than Myspace I tell you!) Anyway, this article addressed the upsurge in Random things on Facebook, which is hilarious because I thought it was just my friends, LOL.  The article says that most of the lists aren’t funny and are actually pretty stupid (some are, I’ve been bored by a few).  The best part of the article happens to be the random 25 things the author writes that he read.  I am going to highlight the ones I found laugh out loud funny.
-Just because I realize that Asian women are smarter, more attractive, and have about themselves a generally superior level of class does not mean I have a fetish. Just that I’m racist.
-My friends say that when they shave my back I purr like a walrus. (I’m not sure which is more gross, the fact that you have enough back hair that needs to be shaved or that your friends do it for you, LOL).
– I like to tape my thumbs to my hands to see what it would be like to be a dinosaur. (WTF??)
-I eat gummy bears by tearing them limb from limb and eating their heads last.

In recent months Time magazine has been making its way up on my must read list.  NOt quite high enough to warrant a subscription because I can just snatch them from work, but I like to read it.  It has just the right amount of sophisticated humor and intelligence that a viral mind like mine needs.   Here’s the link to the article, check it out!


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