Dick on the Roof? No, Seriously!

I am a firm believer that people should beat their kids. Not abuse them, but they need to know who’s boss.  Children should fear their parents.  If Rory McInnes feared his parents he would have NEVER done this crap.

Rory decided that he wanted his parents house to be more noticeable on Google Earth (a scary thing in and of itself) so he painted a big ass DICK on his parents roof.  Now, this isn’t just your average suburban house. It’s a 1 million dollar mansion, with a new flat roof.  This huge dick stayed there in secret for a year. It wasn’t until a helicopter flew over the cuckoo’s nest and let someone take a picture of it that Rory’s secret fell out  When Rory’s parents confronted him about it, he laughed and said “Oh, you’ve found it then.” He laughed! How dare he laugh! My granny would have reached through the phone and strangled me for taunting her with laughter.

If his parents had taken the belt to him a few times in his youth, they wouldn’t have this problem. Apparently he knew his parents wouldn’t really punish him if he got caught.  I’m 23 and I still won’t do certain things around my grandmother.  I remember the summer after I graduated college I was living with my granny while I apartment hunted.  I invited one of my best friends over and we were about to have some wine.  I pulled out the wine, uncorked it and poured 2 glasses. Granny was like “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Me, being all eager and honest, said chilling and having a drink. Her reply, “Who said you can drink in my house?” I kindly told her I was of the legal drinking age and she stared at me blankly and said, well this is MY house. Even now, 2 years later and living on my own I don’t do things. I don’t curse in front of her, I refuse to talk about sex, and if I smoked I wouldn’t.  My 26 year old cousin is the same way.  Parents have to demand respect from their children, and I think spankings/beatings help if done in the right way.


Image Courtesy of DailyMail.uk

One thought on “Dick on the Roof? No, Seriously!

  • onebaddboo

    Wowwwww, are you kidding me?!?!?! This is ULTRA hilarious but not for a private home in which the owners had no clue about it!!!!

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