Has Kelly Rowland Really Been Dropped by Columbia?

Kelly Rowland
Kelly Rowland

Rumor Mills are buzzing that Columbia Records dropped Kelly Rowland because she was no longer, “commercially viable” or whatever that means. This is following her firing Matthew Knowles as her manager a few months ago. I think that this is probably the best thing for Kelly.  I like Kelly, sometimes, but at other times I just feel she is corny.  I think her music dilemma is because of Matthew Knowles. I have noticed that many artist, i.e. Sunshine Anderson, who have been signed to Music  World flop. I believe that Matthew’s top priority is Beyonce and other artists under his fold are bound to fail.

I think Kelly, like LeToya (who’s album I loved and look forward to her next), needs to take time away from the fold and sort out her affairs and then come back better than ever if a solo career is what she really wants. For Kelly, I feel that it’s so hard to step out from being “former member of Destiny’s Child” to just Kelly.  It’s so hard to create an identity different that what your “fans” were used to, and many record labels don’t embrace change unless its what they deem necessary, so I guess maybe that’s why she’s not “commercially viable.” I’m just guessing…

Also, I do feel that Kelly’s voice isn’t strong enough to carry a whole solo cd.  Don’t get me wrong,  her voice is a beautiful voice, but not all beautiful voices can sustain being the lead on EVERY song, you also need a STRONG voice!  I think her album was ok, some songs (like The Show ft. Tank) are HOT, but others just fall short. I did like Comeback also, but Ghetto should not have been a single if you ask me-instead they should have went with In Love with my Ex or Flashback, but since no one asked me I’ll drop it.. So on that note, I wish Kelly the best in her career, musically & otherwise since she is slated to host a reality TV show in the near future.


One thought on “Has Kelly Rowland Really Been Dropped by Columbia?

  • I agree, I think that “The Show” was FANTASTIC! They just didn’t put into Kelly the things that they put into Beyonce and it showed. I hope that by being free of Columbia and the Knowles chokehold she will be able to shine and flourish without being in the shadow of Bey and DC…hopefully though she’ll reach out to Solange b/c she is an AMAZING song writer!!!

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