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My NY/NJ friends (and those in select other locations), I discovered a new dining establishment.  Grand Lux Cafe. While its not new to everyone, its definitely new to me. And let me tell you,  Oh my GOD, it was delicious. And we all know I’m a foodie so my approval means a lot! GLC is operated by the same folks as Cheesecake Factory, so if you enjoy CF, I’m sure you’ll love these people. The decor was very Cheesecake-esque, and the food equally yummy.

Their desserts are made to order, some taking up to 30 mins to prepare, so they suggest you order early. I had the upside down pineapple cake and my comrade (Kitty Bradshaw) had the New Orleans Beignets (I ate more of her dessert than mine!) and both were great. The Beignets come with three dipping sauces, but the strawberry & chocolate aren’t even worth your time. The best by far was the Jack Daniel’s sauce. When has anything with Jack Daniel’s in it tasted bad?   The Beignet’s  were like little Zeppoles covered in powdered sugar and bought to your table in a pretty basket. If Kitty wasn’t careful i was going to sneak her dessert home with me (sshhh don’t tell!). For our entrees we both had the Caramel Chicken, and let me tell you. I had a flavor explosion in my mouth. The flavors were phenomenal!  There was chicken, mushrooms, which I hate, and red chili peppers. While it sounds like it might be heavy, it so wasn’t.  The appetizer was  CrispyShrimp & Chicken Thai rolls, with some dipping sauce that will make you go mmmm!

I’m telling you, this place was good. I wonder why there are so few. I’m getting hungry just telling you guys about it. Trust me this was good, Cleo recommends you see if there is one close to you & try them out. Prices aren’t even that steep. Caramel chicken was around $15 dollars and there were two servings on my plate, and we know its always good to be able to take some home.  The only thing I wish I had tried was a drink. Next time I go, I will indulge in a Mimosa. I couldn’t this time because this recession has a foodista’s pockets burning 🙁

Unfortunately in NJ there is only one GLC and its in Garden State Plaza all the way in Paramus (for my Garden State Parkway people, that’s exit 163) . And there is only one in New York, and its not even in Manhattan (how the hell did that happen?) its in Garden City, NY.  Where the heck is that? Upstate or Long island? They need to bring more of these around (like we really need more eateries, but if they were all this good, it would force the bad ones out of business-sorry bad restaurant owners!).

4 thoughts on “Cleo Eats @ Grand Lux Cafe

  • Furious_Styles

    They have one of these in Chicago. The brunch on the weekends is the best. The food on a regular day is so so. Great for large gatherings. Black folks love the place out here!

  • Classyjojo

    Yeah, Grand Lex Cafe is by the same peeps as Cheesecake Factory…I ate at the one in Los Angeles…the beignets are good there too!

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