Cleo’s Rant: Dating Disasters 2009 edition.

The Dating scene is just really shitty bad these days (or so I’ve heard). I think I’m a pretty cool date, I don’t really expect a guy to drop crazy bucks on me during an encounter, because let’s face it, this investment might not work out in your favor. Also, guys are even more unwilling to spend money these days because of the “recession.” But there are some cardinal dating sins that should be avoided and you can’t even blame them on the recession because there are plenty recession proof good dates out there.  I expect hope for a good time when we go out, especially if you’ve been trying to persuade me to go out with you for a few weeks. this should be your chance to show me why I shouldn’t have waited so long. So these are some things you shouldn’t do on a date.. and if you don’t already know these things please take note.

  1. Please be on time. If I’m a girl and I’m pressed for time (which means I’m running late) and I still make it there before you, that is a problem.  I never like to be anywhere before the person I’m meeting. I guess I like to make an entrance.
  2. Friends. Some dates are group dates. Before you bring your friends around someone you’re trying to impress please do a thorough screening. Please make sure all friends dress appropriately.
  3. Projects + Date = Disaster. Sometimes for a date you want to invite someone over for dinner. You cook a meal, they bring the wine, or whatever, and you chill. This should preferably happen at your house, not that of your friends who live in the projects with 2 big ass dogs and their mama sleep in the back room. If you or your friends live in the projects, don’t bring a girl there. Now I’m not discriminating on the projects, they serve their purpose in that they give people “affordable” housing. But they do NOT make a suitable place for dates under any circumstances.
  4. Please ensure safe transportation of your date back to their destination. If they drove separately, walk them to their car and make sure they call you when they get home if its late or they’ve had a drink (or 3). If they came to you in NYC please make sure they get to the subway/train station because odds are they aren’t from NY and don’t know where the hell they are..

I didn’t know what I was signing up for when I entered the dating world.  I miss the days where spending quality time together was at the school cafeteria, and he bought you a snapple so you didn’t have to drink the warm chocolate milk. Or even when he came to your dorm room and you guys hung out downloading music just to hear songs you both never heard. How did it get to the state it is now?  There really is no warning for this, you really do have to feel your way around. Does anyone else have any ingredients that make a bad day? Please share! (I know I might be back with more later!)

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