I’m Crushing on these Chinese Laundry Sandals

Once again I have fell in love, with a shoe.

(image from www.intheircloset.com)

I walked into Nordstrom and was instantly called to this shoe. It was like I was drawn into a magnetic energy field and I couldn’t see anything else but the shoe. I held it, caressed it, and PUT IT DOWN! I am not allowed to buy any shoes besides flip-flops right now. I am going to stick to my shoe diet! But I’m telling you, it was like a bee to honey. These are Chinese Laundry’s Bounty Leather Sandal

And seriously, what’s not to like about this shoe? It’s leather, the heel is 4 1/14 inches, it zips to make for easy wearing, it has woven details AND it has platform. These shoes were made for me. I have a similar pair in a wedge from Bakers (hey! don’t judge me, its a recession!) but its just not the same.

These shoes come in 3 colors: black, brown, or camel. I prefer the camel to the other 2, but if someone bought me any pair I wouldn’t complain. While I originally saw them at Nordstrom, they unfortunately weren’t on their website to purchase there. However, you can find them at Zappos.com for $128.95. That’s decent price if you ask me. Or you can go directly to the Chinese Laundry site where they are $119, so you save $10. I don’t know what the cost of shipping is, but if your Zappos VIP you get FREE overnight shipping. (and who doesn’t love free?).


Intheircloset had the wrong image linked to that shoe.. It has been updated! sorry for any confusion! The detail was so minor that I didn’t look close enough to realize it.. Now that I know that shoe is different, I’m intrigued by that one.. I must find out more about it!

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